Wild English river swimming

My 2017 swim season has officially started! After a summer of looking enviously at summer swim pics on Facebook from New Zealand, I managed to get out in the open water. This will be my first swim season in the UK so what better way to start than some scorching spring weather (it was 25!) and a beautiful river swim.

Over 20 TWATS set out from the village of Wadenhoe, with different groups swimming different distances. There was still a winter nip (13c) but we were swimming in the sun and the temperature was comfortable. It was an hour all up with the group I was with turning around at ‘the stump’. (Yes, landmarks for sighting are still important in a river). The water quality was really good and the river quickly wound away from the town to make it feel like you had the English countryside to yourself. 

The TWATS are Northamptonshire’s The Wadenhoe And Tansor Swimmers who I met through David, a kiwi swimmer. They are a prime example of the awesome friendliness of open water swimmers. David’s birthday also meant that a good number stayed on for coffee after a swim. I also successfully got my first sun burn of 2017. 

I think the temperatures here in London are dropping back down this week but I’ve had my taste of summer. Now to turn my mind to some of the swims that I want to do.